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Recovery Equipment Loan

The shock of IVDD and nursing a disabled much-loved pet is overwhelming. The advice, support, and equipment from D2D makes it all seem more bearable and doable for those going through the toughest time.

We receive messages daily from owners needing support, reassurance, and much needed equipment. We have extended what we do, both by including all U.K. disabled dachshunds, and by adding extra equipment which is essential for recovery and the dogs’ mental wellbeing, and helps the owners carry on with their lives:

  • The strollers mean they can take their dachshunds outside or avoid further distressing a temporarily paralysed or strictly rested dog by moving it from room to room with them.
  • The pens help reduce movement during recovery and are less frightening than crates for dogs that are not crate-trained from the start
  • Gingerleads help owners assist dogs to exercise until they are strong enough to support themselves independently.
  • Incontinence aids are available those that need them
  • and booties to protect paws from getting sore if they drag them.

Strollers that are loaned from D2D are of the best quality (innopet), which have large air filled tyres and suspension,  to protect our precious dachshunds during recovery.

Everything is offered free of charge and when no longer required, it is forwarded on to the next family that needs it.


This is all possible due to the incredible support from the Dachshund community and businesses who organise walks, fundraisers, raffles, events and send donations, which helps us to buy, maintain and distribute the amazing equipment we provide. We continue to fundraise and are immensely grateful to all who support D2D with IVDD.


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