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 IVDD Equipment Loan

Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD loans equipment to owners to help with the recovery of your beloved pet. Have a look below to see what we can supply.

How much does it cost to loan the equipment?

Currently the equipment is loaned free of charge, but this is under review. We do however welcome donations and monthly payments to help us to continue to loan the vital equipment to families whose dog is going through IVDD.

Donations and monthly payments can be made to the following details:

Paypal (by friends and family please)

Bank transfer

Sort code: 08-71-99
Account number: 39174956

You can borrow a pen which is larger than a crate and gives the dog more room, a Gingerlead (support sling) and a stroller. We also have bellybands, booties and if necessary, after a period of 6 months when there has been no recovery, drag bags and wheels. We ask that you keep the packaging for all the items.

All dachshunds vary in the length of time that it takes them to recover. Once your dog has made a full recovery and no longer needs the support, pen or stroller, then contact D2D. There is no rush to return the equipment as the recovery of your dog is important.

When you no longer need the equipment, please contact D2D and we will arrange for a courier to collect the item. Strollers can also be taken to your local Post Office. We may ask you to sell the pens locally as the cost of postage is higher than the cost of the item.

We require your name, address, mobile number and email address. For the Gingerlead, we need the dog’s weight and for incontinence aids, the waist measurement.

Unfortunately, we are unable to lend to other breeds but here are links to websites that may be able to help:

Broken Biscuits https://www.brokenbiscuits.org/

Winston Wheels https://www.facebook.com/groups/412571322502957

Yes, we lend equipment to all dachshunds in need of our support throughout the UK.

Donations and monthly payments can be made to the following details:

Paypal (by friends and family please)

Bank transfer

Sort code: 08-71-99
Account number: 39174956

Please contact D2D if you wish to set up a fundraiser or would like to donate items for our raffle and auctions that we hold.

We are grateful and appreciate the support given that enables us to continue supporting dachshunds and their families throughout the UK.



The equipment is forwarded by courier so therefore the packaging and instructions are needed for return posting.

Please contact D2D as soon as you notice any defects. Do not use the stroller if damaged.

Routine maintenance should be carried out to ensure that the stroller is in good condition and that the tyres, where applicable, are kept inflated.

We advise that a stroller should be used following consultation with your vet or vet professional. We recommend that during recovery the use should be around the home, garden and trips out where the ground is smooth, flat and avoid where possible bumping up and down kerbs.

Strollers are beneficial by allowing your dog to get some mental stimulation, out in the fresh air and are also suitable around the home when a dog is stressed by a crate/pen environment.


Inside the carriage you will see safety straps to attach to a harness (NOT A COLLAR). Ensure that your dog is always attached whilst in the stroller. Never leave your dog unattended when in a stroller.

It is essential that your dachshund is kept calm during recovery. Please choose quiet areas if you find they are getting stressed. If it continues, try around the home and/or leave it a week or so and try again. Never leave the dog unattended whilst in the stroller.

A Gingerlead is a soft, padded belly sling with a built-in leash and handle. They are required for dogs that require assistance to balance and mobilise. They come in different sizes according to your dog’s weight.


A drag bag is used for a dog to help protect their rear limbs and the chest from scraping against flooring when not on wheels and can be used around the home. They are intended for dogs that have no mobility and are some months post-IVDD.


Bellybands are male wraps and can be used for a variety of reasons that causes the dog to be urinary incontinent.

In IVDD it is common for dogs to suffer temporary incontinence and these bands help to keep the dog and bedding drier.

They do not replace regular toilet breaks and the dog should spend time out of them.

Female pants work on the same basis as the bellybands; there are also full pants available for male and female that help with dogs that are doubly incontinent.

All the incontinent aids are worn with disposable pads that draw liquid away from the dog’s skin and these should be changed regularly.

Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD provide a starter pack of 2 bands or pants, the following links provide information if you wish to purchase more.




Many dogs take many months to regain mobility so it is important to give your dog every opportunity to recover with therapies such as physio and hydrotherapy first, before considering wheels.

Putting a dog in wheels whilst in the recovery phase can undo any work towards mobilisation and can cause a regress resulting in your dog being permanently disabled.


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