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Charlotte & Elaine

Hi... my name is Charlotte Baldwin.

My husband, John, and I live in an attractive corner of South Wales, not too far from Pontypridd. It’s the perfect base for exploring the beautiful beaches, mountains, parks and rivers nearby. I worked with the Welsh blood service from 1999 until March 2019, collecting blood donations and recruiting more donors to register It was amazing to be part of something that was also making a massive difference to many families. My Dad suffered a massive stroke in 2017 and needed a huge amount of support with his rehabilitation, which is ongoing.

Barney and Rosie, our mini smooth black and tan dachshunds, joined us in 2013 and 2014 and immediately became the centre of our world.  I was very keen to socialise them, so we joined a local dog walking group, but it rapidly became apparent that the bigger dogs playing and racing about was making them more, rather than less, nervous, and I was also afraid that they would get injured with the rough and tumble play from the larger breeds.

I decided to start my own group walks, specifically for local Dachshunds and their owners. The popularity of “Sausage dog walks, South Wales” Facebook group soon and around 600 dachshunds attended our first Christmas walk at Porthcawl. What a spectacular sight that was!

When organising the walks, it became apparent just how many dachshunds were suffering with IVDD and could not join in. We ran a couple of walks as fundraisers, so that we could buy strollers and other equipment to help make life easier for these dogs. That’s when I formalised things by setting up Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD (D2D). We now provide a wide range of equipment to help dogs suffering from IVDD and other debilitating conditions throughout the UK, alongside offering emotional support for owners faced with the devastating diagnosis.

Due to my presence online and the work I do to support families through IVDD, I was thrilled to be invited to join the Dachshund Breed Council’s Health and Welfare Committee as one of their three Pet Advisors.  I work closely with the dedicated team at the Breed Council, ensuring that their important information and research is shared across social media.

As D2D grew, so did the workload. It became harder and harder to deal with it alongside my work with the Blood service, caring for my Dad and my homelife. In 2019 I left the blood service so that I could become a Personal Assistant (Carer) to my dad and dedicate more time to D2D.

Watching my Dad recover, understanding what works and what doesn't, helping him get around and especially outdoors has helped me understand just how important it is to have support and being able to carry on with life in the most fulfilling way within his limitations. That is the magic.... no matter what challenges we face together, together and with the right support, anything is possible.

I cannot begin to tell you the joy it brings to me, my incredible team and the families that we support through the most heart-breaking of times, knowing that together, we are providing the best and safest foundation for recovery is just the best feeling ever, and something that I am immensely proud of.

About Elaine

Hi, I am Elaine and currently the owner a mini wire,  Ernie a  9yr old smooth who has grade 5 IVDD.

Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure of being owned by 16 dachshunds of all the miniature coat varieties.

After losing my home bred girl to the complications of IVDD I decided to research as much about the disease as possible and through that launched my business Dachshund Respite Care to home board dachshunds with IVDD providing the care needed that wasn’t available through other home boarders or kennels, unfortunately due to several reasons I closed the home boarding side but the business remains active for advice and support.

I joined Dedicated to Dachshunds to assist in providing incontinence aids and booties to owners of IVDD dogs to help manage some of the associated conditions that some dogs suffer from.

I also work alongside other members of Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD in providing support and advice to owners and assist with the provision of loaned equipment.

Recently I joined Dachshund IVDD UK Facebook group as an admin member providing the same support role.


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