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About D2D with IVDD

Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD was launched by Charlotte Baldwin in 2016.

After creating a Facebook Group called Sausage Dog Walks South Wales UK (SWDSWUK), Charlotte realised some families were unable to attend the organised walks because their dachshunds were unable to join in due to IVDD.

Charlotte set about fundraising so that she could buy a few pet strollers for those who needed them.  People were invited to join the fundraising event at Ogmore by Sea and before long over 300 people said they were coming from all over the UK, including some with dachshunds who were unable to walk.  The event raised £2000 and we were thrilled to be able to purchase  strollers to help them.


However, once we had loaned those out, the requests kept on coming thick and fast. That’s when Charlotte decided to set up Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD (D2D).

4 years later and we now have a fleet of more than 450 pet strollers loaned out to help dachshunds across the UK.

We are also committed to raising awareness of owners doing their research before committing to a life time of Dachshund ownership,  the role that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can play in reducing risk of IVDD, the signs and symptoms to look out for,  and crucially, having adequate insurance or ready funds for surgery should the worst happen.

We are also committed to encouraging more breeders to take part in the Dachshund Breed Council screening scheme, which offers subsidised x-rays, identifying early signs of calcification in dogs before they are mated. This helps breeders make more responsible choices about which mating combinations to put together – and which to avoid.

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